Should you claim your welcome bonus offered by online casinos?

Online casinos like offer welcome bonuses to all new customers. There is so much you need to know about these bonuses and their wagering terms before you decide to accept them. Keep reading to understand the authenticity of these bonuses.

What are welcome bonuses and their types?

A welcome bonus is a gift or an offer you get from reputed casinos like artisanstour to encourage you to start playing on their online gaming platform. There are two basic kinds of welcome bonuses you will receive from casinos.

No deposit bonuses

These are welcome bonuses that are offered the minute you register with the website. There is no need for you to deposit any money in advance before being able to use the bonus. This is considered a very flexible welcome bonus.

Deposit bonuses

These bonuses are valid only when you deposit money for playing the first time. Casinos use this technique to ensure people actually pay for the games instead of just using free bonuses. Below are the types of deposit bonuses available.

  • Deposit match bonus
  • Free spin bonus with wagering terms
  • Payment method bonuses

What are the advantages of welcome bonuses?

A bonus is a free gift and hence it does come with its own advantages. When you choose the right casino and the right online slot, you can definitely make use of the welcome bonuses to your advantage.

Here are some of the top advantages or pros of welcome bonuses that make players yearn for them while registering on a new online casino website. These advantages help players win better and reduce their losses with time.

Play more slots

People who cannot deposit money initially to try out the slots available with the casino can make use of the bonuses and enjoy playing a variety of slots and games. Welcome bonuses help players try out multiple games confidently.

Change your losing streak to a winning streak

If you have been having a long series of losing streak in your current casino site, try making a change by registering on a new casino. The welcome bonus may give you the much-needed winning streak missing in your gaming life.

  • Use the welcome bonus to identify games you like
  • Use the free spins and cash bonuses to bet strategically
  • Use your new player advantage to win easily

Get more confident at playing

Are you a player who is hesitant to bet on new slots that you are unfamiliar with? You can practice slots by using bonus deposits and in-house cash. By not using your money, you get more confident playing the game.

What are the disadvantages of welcome bonuses?

Just like how authentic welcome bonuses can be advantageous to players, welcome bonuses offered by shady and crummy casinos can actually put you at a disadvantage. One of the main cons of welcome bonuses is the wagering requirements they come with.

Wagering requirements

Wagering requirements are betting conditions you should satisfy before you can use the welcome bonus offered. Most casinos have fair conditions that you can easily follow. The terms can include initial deposits and the validity of the bonuses.

Other casinos can make you deposit insane amounts of money before letting you use the bonus or ask you to play only certain online slots that may be impossible to win. Check the wagering terms before accepting the welcome bonus.

How all can you use the welcome bonus?

The way you use the welcome bonus you receive depends on the casinos. Few casinos give you the bonus as in-house cash and you can either use it to play or keep it in your account and withdraw later.

Other casinos will only let you use the bonus to play games. You will never be able to withdraw it. Here are a few points to look out for when you want to use the welcome bonus you receive.

  • The bonus package keeps changing every time
  • Individual bonuses will definitely come with validity periods
  • You can only use the welcome bonuses once

The terms and conditions of the welcome bonus and its validity all keep changing with time. Read the casino's latest terms and conditions before you accept a bonus package. Once you have used a particular bonus, you cannot get it back ever.

Are welcome bonuses actually useful?

Welcome bonuses are definitely useful, given they are received from authentic and fair online casinos. You would do better than to pick up bonuses with extreme wagering terms from shady sites that offer sub-standard games that cannot be won.

Check the licensing and the reputation of the casino and read the wagering terms behind the welcome bonuses carefully. If you think you can use the bonuses to your advantage, devise a game strategy and then start playing slots.

Such welcome bonuses help amateurs and new players take the next step to play seriously and win money. To help attract new players, casinos give out really lucrative bonuses. Do keep a look for them and use them wisely.